Saturday, 29 December 2007

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Control outgoing network connections in Mac OS X with Little Snitch

An excellent addition to the standard Mac firewall, Little Snitch monitors applications for outgoing traffic on any network connection and allows the user to set rules that deny or allow (once, until quit or forever) access. The Mac firewall only controls incoming connections, Little Snitch monitors activity and with v2 has a very slick interface which shows you what is attempting to contact the outside world.

No more phoning home unless you say so for only about £13 ($24). Recommended for the more paranoid user.

(Network Monitor)
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Sunday, 16 December 2007

How To force a refresh on a Mac OS X Widget on Dashboard

  1. Bring Dashboard to the front
  2. Click on the widget
  3. Hold Command key (Apple key) and press R
  4. Widget will animate and swirl as it updates.

Easy Envelope printing in Mac OS X

Very slick, free and quick to use. It's a simple, small, single purpose widget from Ambrosia Software. Integrates with your address book contacts or you can copy and paste an address.

Shrink the widget by clicking on the frank.

Find it here:

The US style return address in the upper left corner can be turned off in the preferences:

An Ideal guitar for Captain Fab or Richard Thomas

Originally uploaded by Mooganic.

Not in the least bit kitsch, note it's even a cowgirl holding a guitar. Taken at Wharton St in Cardiff, GM Music (a good store).

Office party 07

Office party 07
Originally uploaded by Mooganic.

Media Wales (Western Mail & Echo Ltd) Newspaper Sales and Marketing dept.'s office party this year was at the roaring twenties event at the Sophia Gardens Cricket Club.

Twenties night at the Cricket Club, Sophia gardens, Cardiff 14.12.2007. L-R Juliet, Natalie, Tim, Gill, Peter, Sarah, Wayne, Clare. Taken outside the Cayo Arms, Pontcanna ( )

Some excellent jazz at the event itself, well organised, good food a good night.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Wedding Present play the Point, Cardiff

Originally uploaded by Mooganic.

Watched an excellent gig with David, Carl and Simon, Wedding Present at the Point. The Point is about the best venue around at the moment in Cardiff. The sound was good from about the third song in, they played the entire George Best album. About the fifth time I've seen them play. Gedge was on form. Some pics I took are on Flickr.