Tuesday, 10 June 2014

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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Warehouse Simulator II

From the archives... originally on the Massive Bureau of Everything.

Warehouse Simulator II
from MG Omniprod Games

Be the master of supply and demand. Control an entire warehouse operation from logistics to correct invoice processing procedure.

You are the Warehouse Manager and you know what you want! Warehouse Simulator II is the upgrade to the critically acclaimed Warehouse Simulator. Using an easy to master yet comprehensive interface (with over 40 Warehouse related command icons) and the innovative Ineffiency Vortex Engine, you must ensure the efficient running of a small warehouse. Meet your targets and you can steadily expand your warehouse into the largest allowed, within current UK planning regulations. You are in control and when the overnight emergency supply to Croydon doesn't arrive - the buck stops at your desk!

Warehouse Simulator II is expandable through the ever growing number of expansion packs and sub - games. No other Warehouse simulator has these amazing features.

  • Massive inventory of stored products
  • Real time or turn based gameplay
  • Realistic 2D isometric graphics
  • Randomly generated docket loss
  • Real dispatch systems modelled on the latest business practices
  • Advanced Driver and staff AI
  • Fully configurable Health & Safety module
  • Single player, and Play by Email options
  • Customer complaints (now with video)
  • Processing animations
  • Head office memos arrive in real time!
  • Warehouse layout editor
  • 280 page printed manual
  • Vehicle maintenance schedule
  • Two types of forklift and over a dozen package handling systems to control
  • Randomised belligerent union representatives
  • Pit your wits against the Inefficiency Vortex Engine - the most powerful yet!
  • Print options for dockets and other vital documents

Open ended game design allows for hours of Warehouse management

Recommended System:

  • Pentium II 450 or better
  • 64mb of RAM
  • 350mb of HD space (medium install)
  • Soundblaster compatible soundcard
  • SVGA graphics card or better

Expansion Packs (requires Warehouse Simulator II)

  • The Missing Wolverhampton Docket 2001
  • 2002 Financial budgeting module
  • It looks like snow (includes "Fog bound on M1" sub game)
  • What do you mean you threw that file away? (fully updated for WSII)
  • Holiday Rota Nightmare
  • Christmas at the Warehouse (available November 2001)
  • Small fire in the car park emergency (available Spring 2002)