Saturday, 29 October 2011

Shooting the sunset

Shooting the sunset
Originally uploaded by Mooganic.

Took my old Minolta X300 out. Loaded with a 24 roll of Kodak Colorplus 200 ASA film I had free with my last developing.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

SoundCloud suffers DDOS attack

Message from Soundcloud

We would like to apologize for yesterday's service outage.

Audio message from Alex:

On Tuesday October 4 at approximately 8:40pm CET, our Operations team were
alerted to an unusually high amount of unidentified traffic leading to a complete
network outage. Within minutes, our CTO, VP Engineering, Head of Operations and
all available Operations engineering resources were deployed to investigate
the issue and we worked around the clock to locate and resolve it.

We identified the problem as being a major distributed denial of service (DDoS)
attack and initially resolved it around 6.30am CET.

After seeing the service stabilize for a few hours yesterday morning, unfortunately
a second denial of service attack occurred around noon CET as the attackers adjusted
to our preventive measures. This attack delayed full mitigation until we were able
to implement more robust measures which are now in place. Around 7pm CET last night,
our scalable defensive measures were in place and we were able to stabilize the service
gradually. As of this morning, all services are fully back and operational.

Our databases including your data were not affected by these attacks. Rest assured
that we'll do everything in our power to prevent such an outage from happening again.
Our engineering teams will continue to assess the situation moving forward.

Again, our sincere apologies for letting you down. We are humbled by the continued
support you've shown us in your Tweets, comments and emails, proof that the
SoundCloud Community is special.

Thank you,

Alex, Co-Founder and CEO | Eric, Co-Founder and CTO