Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Exclusive Dr Who Posters Free with the Western Mail

Full colour, official, glossy posters (A2 approx) with the Western Mail this April:

Two sided posters:
Date Description

Saturday 21: Daleks & Martha Jones (Dr Who Assistant)

Monday 23: Ood & Slitheen
Tuesday 24: Cassandra & Clockwork People
Wednesday 25: Sisters of Plenitude / Sycorax & Carrionites
Thursday 26: Cyberman & Doctor Who
Friday 27: Tardis & K9

email contact to purchase back dates:
subscriptions at wme.co.uk

(replace the 'at' with @)

Or contact (UK) Tel: 029 20583454 ask for Back Dates, £2 per copy (UK & International), payment to Credit card or cheques payable to Western Mail & Echo Ltd.

Back Dates Dept,
Newspaper Sales,
Western Mail & Echo,
Thomson House,
Havelock Street,
CF10 1XR.

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