Monday, 7 January 2008

Mac Address Book to Gmail contacts application

A tiny application by Ben Borofka (freeware) that alllows you to update your GMail (GoogleMail) account using the contacts held in your Mac Address book.

Create a new group in Address book drag the names you want to export into this group, select this group; then run the app and select the a to g created csv file. In Gmail use the import option in Contacts to pick up this file and import into Gmail.

The csv created by the a to g has the correct categories for Gmail. During import Gmail won't overwrite stuff, it asks you to confirm things such as differing phone numbers. Quite slick and doesn't lead to conflicts like some other applications. 

You can review the results in Gmail contacts section to alter anything you like after import.

Update: March 2008 updated to enable all contacts to be transferred, even those without email addresses in your address book application.

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