Saturday, 9 February 2008


SuperDuper! Daft name, good software. Make a back up now! Works alongside Time Machine from v2.5, creates a clone of your main hard drive - a bootable back up of your entire system. Trial version available. Very easy to use, reliable and has features like sandboxing -

You require a second (typically external) hard drive to use SuperDuper! as there isn't much point in backing up a drive onto the same drive.

A free alternative is Carbon Copy Cloner, but SuperDuper is worth the money. Once you have a clone of your hard drive you can revert to the back up by restarting or booting your Mac, hold down the Option key and select the external drive to run from the back up. Two minutes and you're back up and running even if your main hard drive is broken. Intel based Macs can boot from either Firewire or USB2 drives.

After the initial back up incremental back ups can be scheduled and only take a couple of minutes. SuperDuper allows you to run scripts after back up, shut down your Mac etc.

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