Saturday, 16 August 2008


Originally uploaded by Mooganic.

Trying out the latest version of Tape deck. The rather cute retro audio recorder. The latest version adds the ability to post directly to Youtube, with a video of the tape machine playing. Tape Deck is fun and easy to use, automatically organsising your recordings into "tapes" which are held in the slide out drawer (yes with sound effects of a drawer opening). TapeDeck records compressed AAC audio at the following settings:

High Quality - 44,100Hz, 16-bit, 64kbps (mono) or 128kbps (stereo)
Medium Quality - 44,100Hz, 16-bit, 48kbps (mono) or 96kbps (stereo)
Low Quality - 22,050Hz, 16-bit, 32kbps (mono) or 64kbps (stereo)

$25 from  created by the excellently named Super Ultra Mega Groovy company.

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