Thursday, 5 March 2009

Great way of syncing files across Macs & PCs, Linux

Dropbox I've been using this service for about six months it's an excellent sync and back up solution - stores your files encrypted on Amazon's S3 servers. Dropbox works across Macs, Windows and Linux. Dropbox has had rave reviews, I've not had a single glitch with it syncing about 1.3gb of files across two macs.

Dropbox creates a folder on your PC and can be used to 
  • sync files across several machines
  • access your files via the website
  • storage for back up files
  • share large files to other people
  • set up shared access for several people to a folder or files
  • host image galleries
  • compatible with Truecrypt containers etc.
  • all files remain on your PC/s as well of course
  • it actually works, unlike many of these things
Also dropbox has
 a decent versioning system so if you change or delete a file you can look back at previous saves and restore previous versions. The developers are helpful and very active in releasing new versions, check the forum for the latest experimental builds of Dropbox. 

2gb storage is free.
If you register using my personal link, below, I get more free space and so do you (above the usual 2gb)

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