Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Shine a Light? - Paul Kent

Another video in the Shine a Light? series from Sustainable Wales.

"A series of short community-based films aiming to highlight the challenges groups face in Wales to develop a local renewable energy supply.  Their content supports the idea of democratising our energy supply, bringing ownership and profit back into communities whilst reducing climate change. They express the difficulties of community energy development in the UK compared to for example, Germany. These vibrant films support the Community Energy Wales network.

The films are a means to broadcast and share the community energy message and to encourage the public and politicians to learn more. Funded by the Big Lottery 'Awards for All' programme and supported also by Renew Wales  Filmed by park6productions. (supporting the charity with reduced costs)
We believe such local schemes are an answer to climate change**(see notes below) and the chronic fuel poverty now encountered in Wales. (Latest figures from the Welsh government indicate 30% of the Welsh population experiences fuel poverty - defined as spending over 10% of income on fuel)."

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